Factory Tour

As technology in the world is constantly changing and advancing so is the world of optics. In an effort to be able to offer our patients as much information as possible about the products that we recommend, Ella and Becky recently visited a lens factory to learn more about spectacle lens manufacturing. Being able to see the process from the moment the order is placed to the moment it reaches the patient is hard to fully imagine or appreciate but it is invaluable to see.

When visiting the factory it was clear to see that the process of making a spectacle lens is far more intricate and time-consuming than we ever give it credit for.

Starting from an almost hockey puck like piece of plastic material, a spectacle lens begins its journey into becoming shaped, cut and molded into a very sophisticated product that is used to enhance or correct vision.

Here is what Becky had to say about the visit:-

“Being an optical assistant and only being in optics just short of 3 years, it still surprises me as to the complexity and diversity of the optical world. When offered the opportunity to visit a lens factory I was excited to accept so that I could expand my own knowledge and understanding in order to become more informed when talking to patients about the lenses that we offer. Apart from my awe at the way in which a lens is made I was surprised to see the balance between hi-tech machinery, technology and traditional good old man power. Although it is clear to see that machinery can offer quicker and consistent precision, it is not lost on me the sheer magnitude of quality control checks by people, using traditional methods, to ensure that the very best standards are met.”

We would like to thank the staff at the lens factory for being so warm and welcoming. If you would like to find out more about the experience you can find Ella and Becky in our Redditch practice.