Tomato Specs

Tomato Specs were developed in 2003 when Mr Sungjoon Kim found that conventional childrens spectacles were not fit for purpose for his young son. As I'm sure you are all aware each child's face is very different in size and shape, therefore Mr Kim aimed to produce spectacles for babies and children that would have a personalised fit to each individual.

And so Tomato Specs were born!!!

It won't be news to you to say that children move around a lot! This makes it even more important that their spectacles are so comfortable that they forget that they are wearing them and that they stay put through all their bumps and tumbles, and Tomato Specs are designed to do just that.

The frames can be adjusted at the nose piece and the temples giving them a close fitting pair of glasses that they can't look over. They are secured with soft hooks around the ears keeping them in place. These ear pieces can also be adjusted meaning that as your child grows their glasses can too!

Tomato Specs are also made out of a very lightweight plastic this not only adds to the comfort of the frames but also means the spectacles are very flexible reducing the chance of any potential breakages. The glasses now come in a variety of colours and prints to appeal to all children.

And there you have it, a perfect pair of spectacles for our fidgety little patients tailored to their individual needs.