Blog - The world's thinnest lens is now available at Bainbridge Optometrists!

'The world's thinnest lens' from Tokai is a pioneering innovation in high precision optics, opening the door to an unprecedented union of couture frame design and optical performance.

The 1.76 index is the result of dedicated research by experts with an established history in their field. This latest advance from Tokai has been tirelessly extended and refined to produce an enviable range of single vision and progressive spectacle lenses.

1.76 lenses are perfect for higher prescriptions where patients are much more sensitive to the thickness and optical performance of their lenses. The lens material perfectly combines these two aspects to ensure the ultimate in aesthetics and lens design.

There is no doubt that the 1.76 is at the pinnacle of high precision optical technology, complementing all contemporary frame innovations, and ensuring bespoke eyewear never need compromise on style.

The key benefits of this index are:-

  • Full range of single vision and progressive lens designs.
  • Transitions VII availability in single vision and progressive lens designs.
  • Larger natural visual field guaranteed by advanced aspheric design technology.
  • Full UV protection.
  • Super Power Shield – super hydrophobic thin film coating.
  • Optional Blue light filter coating.

The 1.76 default standard coating, the Super Power Shield, was created by using Tokai's latest thin-film technology. It's a revolutionary ultra-flexible anti-reflection coating, which provides the lens with a superior scratch resistance and minimises the chance of crazing, even at the the thinnest point of the lens.

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