We pride ourselves on our large range of frames for men and women. Our selection aims to suit all styles, prices and ages. Our staff are encouraged to spend as much time as patients need selecting the very best frame for their prescription and price group. We have a budget range that consists of several different frames, complete with lenses, for a set price. Then we have the most up to date designers, lightweight, modern plastic and funky metals. There is very little that cannot be accommodated with effort and time, we will supply the effort, you will have to help with a little of your time!

The most important thing is the time in selecting, with well trained staff, the right frame for the best lenses, at the right price. If your new spectacles make everyone say “WOW”, then that is our best form of advertising.


Eye protection is vital for most outdoor activities and many indoor ones too. Adidas eyewear offers an array of solutions for a multitude of sports. The unique design offers stability and eye protection whilst enhancing visual performance in effortless style.

The hypoallergenic frames are made from an extremely lightweight and durable material which feels comfortable and secure to wear. The nature of the frame design allows multiple adjustments to be made with ease for flexibility of use and optimum performance. There are a variety of interchangeable lens options, including polarised, contrast enhancing, light stabilising and photochromic filters with a wide range of prescription availability.

Performance sunglasses from Adidas have a wrap-around fit to provide a practical defence against damaging UV rays and obstructing precipitation, allowing a wide and natural field of view. The hydrophobic technology maintains clarity of vision and keeps the lenses cleaner for longer. Tints can be specifically selected to suit the wearer and any desired task.