We are a family run independent practice and have relationships with many lens companies. This allows us to select the lenses most suited to your needs and not be restricted to specific suppliers as is often the case.

This wide and varied availability allows us to provide single vision, bifocals and varifocals at all price levels. We also provide;

  • Trifocals
  • Occupational lenses
  • Lenticular
  • Safety
  • Super thin lenses – (1.76 bi-aspheric)
  • Sports specific
  • Vocational
  • Tinted and Coated

Our lenses are routinely anti-scratch coated. Optical performance and appearance can also be improved with an anti-reflection coating;

  • This reduces glare and reflections.
  • Improves optical clarity and scratch resistance.
  • Water and smudge (fingerprints) resistant.
  • UV protection.

You can also add blue light control for prolonged screen users, artificial light, computers, televisions and tablets.

We also provide a wide choice of tints:

  • We can demonstrate photo-chromic lenses to show the different colours and shades available.
  • Polarised lenses especially for driving and fishing, removing reflections from water surfaces.
  • Mirror tints, very useful for sports.
  • Basic tints – graduated or full tints, in many strengths.

Multifocal lenses - we use all the latest digital trueform, freeform and individualised progressive lenses to provide the most natural vision possible.

From simple lenses to the most complex we are here to offer friendly and professional advice.