Contact Lenses

If you have been told in the past that you are not suitable for contact lenses, ask again! We have often found that there are people that have been told that they are not suitable for contact lenses, when the reality is that they are just not easy to fit. Often it just needs a little more time and effort.

We offer contact lens checks and supply lenses on a 'pay as you go' system, or a standing order scheme. You are required by law to renew your contact lens prescription on, at least, an annual basis to continue a supply of lenses. You also need a sight test, within at least two years, for continued supply. These rules have been applied to optometry to ensure that users of contact lenses cannot inadvertently damage their eyes, by missing checks. We insist on taking the best care of our patients eyes.

The standing order scheme is a non contract scheme, with no minimum time. All contact lens checks are free of charge whilst on standing order. If you withdraw, before a full year, the checks you have had will have to be paid for. Explanation in detail of the scheme can be sought from any of the practices.

Ortho K

These lenses are a revolution in contact lens sight correction. Some short sighted people can now use these special lenses to correct their sight by wearing them at night only. These are rigid lenses that are fitted specially for each patient, and are inserted just before going to sleep. Through the night the lenses change the shape of the front of the eye, which corrects your vision. The effects last all day and are completely reversible once contact lens wear ceases.

The advantages are very obvious for sports men and women, bike riders and for people looking for freedom from spectacles or uncomfortable contact lenses throughout the day. This service is only available from our Harborne, or Redditch practices. To find out more, or to find out if you have a suitable prescription please contact the practice for information.

By the way, the cost of this product is within most peoples reach as they cost no more a day than the average cup of coffee.